Poster Table

Posters  Who  Affiliation
Efficient Solar Array Power SystemPietro BernasconiAPL/Johns Hopkins
The APL Balloonborne High Altitude Research Platform (HARP)Pietro BernasconiAPL/Johns Hopkins
The 2016/16 Gamma-Ray Imager/Polarimeter for Solar Flares (GRIPS) Mission OverviewNicole DuncanSSL/UC Berkeley
Recent Technology Advances in Parachute Recovery Systems for Balloon PayloadsAllen LowryAirborne Systems
Focal plane actuation by hexapod for the development of high resolution suborbital telescope
Alex Miller    
Arizona State
Remote monitoring systems of a ground-based large telescope Jun-Ichi Morino
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Wavefront error analysis of diffraction-limited two-mirror telescopes Bob WoodruffASAAR, University of Colorado
ESTADIUS: a high motion “one arcsec” daytime attitude estimation system Isabelle Zenone, Nicolas Bray
Attitude Control System of the Fireball balloon experiment Isabelle Zenone, Nicolas Bray CNES/France